Our Story

RMU is the result of a group of friends united by their common passion for skiing and desire to build handmade backcountry skis from North America.  Our skis are tested an born from our home in Breckenridge Colorado


Little did we know that the quest to build a better ski is a never-ending one, and we soon outgrew the capacity of our garage based hand built ski press.  Today, RMU is proud to produce top quality, hand made skis, in our world-renowned North American factories.

RMU takes pride in being an industry leader in both production quality and customer service.  This company was founded with the goal of outdoing everything that has come before us, so we use the best quality materials and pay the utmost attention to what our customers tell us to ensure that we exceed industry standards across the board.

In the early days, each ski was literally hand made by RMU's founders like Mike Waesche and Luke Allen.  This experience eventually proved to be invaluable in creating today's award winning skis.

CEO/Founder Mike Waesche with one of the first pairs of RMU's, circa 2006.

An early ski press in our old garage, which was literally underground.

We built our first skis because we weren't satisfied with conventional ski industry designs, but we quickly found out we weren't alone.  It was that connection to the ski community that drove our design and grew our brand to where it is today, and it is that same connection that will fuel where we go tomorrow.